Contact Details

Friends of Colliers Wood

For further information regarding regular FoCW annual events, please email or telephone the person identified as the event organiser. This will appear on the event sheet and in the publicity.

For queries associated with smaller events, please email

For general inquiries, comments, information on projects and your own events, please email, telephone or write to:

Tel.: 0115 938 5101
Post: 33 Ascot Avenue, Kimberley, Nottingham NG16 2TU

For membership inquiries, please open the FoCW tab.

For maintenance issues that for safety reasons you consider in need of prompt attention, please contact Broxtowe’s Parks and Open Spaces managers on 0115 9173163. Other relevant Broxtowe department numbers are listed below.

The FoCW’s Facilities Officer, Geoff Caldwell, regularly inspects the site in order to report on any facility that needs maintenance attention. Visitors often draw his attention to other aspects of site care.

Geoff. can be emailed at

Broxtowe Borough Council

Please report problems directly to Broxtowe. They have a central database to record the report and their own follow-up actions. When appropriate they will also inform the Police. The following list is the direct telephone numbers for departments responsible for dealing with the indicated problems.

  • Anti-social behaviour coordination including off-road and mini-bike offenders: 0115 917 3340
  • Community Safety. Any activity that endangers the public, including horse/pony incidents, and off-road bikes on the highway: 0115 917 3754

  • Environmental Control. Investigation of fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles and industrial waste disposal: 0115 917 3690

  • Neighbourhood Wardens. Responsible for tackling dog related incidents, fouling, graffiti, fly-posting: 0115 917 3142 or email

  • Parks and Open Spaces. Management and Maintenance of site: 0115 917 3643 or email

  • Waste and Recycling. Emptying of site waste bins. Removal of litter: Street Cleansing Manager 0115 917 3186.