A variety of community events take place at the site, ranging from entertainment through to physical tasks. Those that the FoCWarrange are usually free to participate in. Some events require pre-purchase of tickets to attend. Prices are normally heavily subsidised.

Other events are organised and advertised here, in the site notice board and by posters and flyers. Please note that events susceptible to weather conditions- e.g. bands, choirs- may have to be cancelled with short notice.

Public events are open for everyone to participate in. There is a maximum number of participants permitted and the FoCW may have to refuse participation to avoid this number being exceeded. Some activities may restrict unaccompanied children under 16 years old from participation. Some events require suitable clothing and footwear. Events normally proceed in inclement weather as long as it is safe to do so and the activities will not be unduly compromised. Wheelchair access is possible to most areas of the site. However, in wet conditions, access across meadow areas would be difficult. Most site events take place on meadow/copse areas.

Your personal notification

The Friends have an email notification list for events. If you wish to be added to this list, please email

Your own event

In addition to joining in on the Friends organised events, you can arrange your own site events. The auditorium and dipping platform facilities are available for public use, normally without any charge. Meadow areas can be used but may require ground staff preparation. Your event may be private, or charged admittance, or free to anyone. Broxtowe may make an event charge where they have to prepare the area or provide a service. Please contact the FoCW with your proposal. We are happy to advise and will advertise your event if appropriate on this web-site and Broxtowe’s. For some events we may also be able to physically help.