FoCW explore initiatives to encourage people to use the site. One of our aims is the enhancement of the facilities available to accommodate different interest groups and provide opportunities for community activities. We have tried to ensure that there is always one facility project at some stage of creation. Non-facility projects are also pursued. These are usually related to environmental improvements, environmental knowledge and public education.

Finance for most projects has to be raised from grants or third party donations. FoCW actively raise money, but most of this is devoted to running costs and sponsoring free events. Whenever possible we allocate funds to promote projects. Our thanks go to the many organisations that have generously provided financial help for this project work.

Public feedback highlights the provision of toilet facilities as a key requirement for fuller use of the site. This fact is further emphasised by schools that wish to use the site for the environment studies element of the curriculum but are limited in doing so by health and safety requirements. The FoCW continue to explore the possibility of obtaining suitable toilet and storage accommodation.