Word Search

You are invited to download the word search sheets for your personal use or for use by youth and uniformed group supervisors.

The series is loosely based on school Key Stages. There are four sheets in each pdf download covering different species and flora. Downloads progressively become more difficult. This is indicated by the target school year. Please note that the years stated are only very rough guides. They are only meant to indicate comparative difficulty level.

At the year 1 level, names are written horizontally- left to right- and vertically- top to bottom. By stages, reverse order of text, diagonal text and interlacing of words is introduced. Quantity of names used on sheets increases by year. Sheets from year 4 onwards may also contain hidden messages.

As a further guide, we suggest that to tackle the Key Stage 1 sheets, children should be good at character recognition and have some reading ability. Youngsters tackling Key Stage 3 sheets should have good reading and spelling skills, be competent at recognition of word structures, have the ability to concentrate on particular strings of letters and have mental flexibility.

Key Stage Word Search downloads

Key Stage Target Year Download
1 1 KS1 year1 Word Search
2 KS1 year2 Word Search
2 3 KS2 year3 Word Search
4 KS2 year4 Word Search
5 KS2 year5 Word Search
6 KS2 year6 Word Search
3 7 KS3 year7 Word Search
8 KS3 year8 Word Search
9 KS3 year9 Word Search