Colliers Wood was formed on part of the former Moorgreen Colliery deep mine complex. Landscaping followed open-cast coal extraction from the pits main production area and storage/work compounds.

The landscape design concept was to re-create the typical landscape that was present prior to the first large scale mining operations of the area that began in 1865. This was interpreted as a composition of small native species copses set in grassland meadows. The brook that originally ran through the site was represented by two interlinked ponds.

Significant volumes of earth were moved to create the sites profile. On two boundaries the site level is higher than the adjacent original levels. On most of a third boundary the site level is lower than the adjacent levels. This contouring created naturally draining slopes within the site and was the hydraulic basis for the water management intent.

Adjacent to the site on the other part of the pits main production area, an industrial estate has been constructed.