The FoCW have always endeavoured to encourage greater knowledge and appreciation of the environment of the area. Some site activities were first prompted to further this aim. These related activities developed into our ‘Fun with Learning’ program. (The program gradually expands to promote environmental learning and craft skills experience in young people’s other fields of interest.)

The FoCW also support school visits related to the environmental curriculum work. Occasional environmental subject talks are given at schools.

Lesson in a box

Broxtowe have invested in a major educational initiative with the ’Lesson in a Box’ scheme. This offers an opportunity to experience environmental enquiry activities at the site, using a comprehensive instruction and tool kit. The equipment is robust and packaged in easily carried plastic containers. The boxes can be obtained for use by emailing the Friends-

The scheme is suitable for small family or youth groups through to class size numbers. Greenwood Community Forest Partnership prepared the scheme. They refined the product after implementation at other locations.

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Species Box Scheme

This was an early activity of the FoCW. It commenced after Mr & Mrs Charles Just kindly donated untreated wood suitable for making bird boxes. A small team of dedicated helpers, led by David Frost, manufactured a range of different bird boxes, suitable for small birds in urban gardens, and bat boxes. These were distributed on request, free-of-charge through schools and youth organisations and to the general public.

Some of the donated material was sufficiently wide to make hedge-hog boxes, complete with tunnels for partial burial. Additionally, a small number of lacewing boxes were distributed.

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Pond Dipping

Events for family groups and youth organisations. Two annually programmed dates plus events on request.
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Environmental Trail

Aimed at younger age groups, a prepared route is seeded with clues and species images to guide the children to the end. Species images are located in positions relevant to the species.

Word Search

Games are one of three levels of difficulty that relate to educational ability. A variety of sheets at each level are based on a different genre with a variety of common and less common species.
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