Site Information

FoCW decided that it was necessary to identify each of the environmental features of the site. This would enable clearer communication regarding maintenance items and provide a means of accurate location when referring to species inflow. A combination of references to Moorgreen Colliery’s seams, local landmarks and the ‘son of Eastwood’ D H Lawrence, were agreed as appropriate. These were applied to the copses, meadows and tracks – illustrated on the plan below

At the end of 2007, the sites owners, Broxtowe Borough Council, decided to put the site forward for the Green Flag Award as part of their requirement to meet government environmental and healthy living targets. The FoCW willingly co-operated in the preparation of the first management plan for the site- an essential requirement for a Green Flag application. The January 2008 management document was adequate to meet the Green Flag requirements and the site received the award. This preparation, inspection and award process led to a careful consideration of what was required of the site and resulted in changes to maintenance practices and modifications to the management plan prior to the 2009 Green Flag application.

Settlement of the sites surface profile has been uneven. This has created small pockets of different habitats, mostly related to water. These micro habitats are attracting species from the surrounding fields and further adding to the diversity present in what is a small (14 hectare) area. Changes in the farming practices in the Greasley Estate fields to the north and fields to the SE are also impacting on the sites ecology. These changes add interest to site visitors’ observations and promise the establishment of a rich variety of species. The FoCW monitor the expansion of the sites biodiversity.